Bolata is a small cove and Nature reserve located in the Northern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

Bolata is a locality located in the bay of the same name and is part of the Kaliakra Reserve. It is located in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast near the village of Bulgarevo and near a former military station.

The area is a wetland of great importance for few rare plant and animal species. The sandy beach is of natural origin and is unique for scandalous shores in the Kaliakra area. A small river has created a narrow gorge and flows into the swamp "Bolata" (Lake Bolata) with an area of 23 ha, covered with a vast mass of reeds. The limestone rocks in the area should be red in color, creating iron oxides in the clay that fill their cracks. The bay is part of the Natura 2000 Kaliakra Complex protected area.

Bolata Cove

Bolata cove is located at the northern rocky coastline of the Bulgarian seaside. It is 3 km to the north of the Kaliakra headland. The nearest settlements are Bulgarevo village in about 5 km distance and the town of Kavarna in 13 km to the west.

The place represents a small cove with a semi-circular shape, featuring a sandy beach. All this is between a brick-colored high cliffs at the end of a rocky canyon. There is a very small river flowing into the sea.

This is the only approachable place where the sea can be reached for kilometers of cliffs spread out northwards and southwards.


In the caves around are found remnants of an ancient settlement dated as far back as 4th century B.C. In the area of Bolata was also found a Maltese cross which testify to the foreign trade relation of the Second Bulgarian Empire with the Republic of Venice and Genoa.

During the communist regime, on the right side of the canyon above the cove, there was built a top secret base. That's why few people knew about the place. There is some talk about a telephone cable that started from here and through the cove and sea connected leaders of Bulgaria and Soviet Union. The semi-abandoned buildings and a watch-tower can be seen nowadays on the plateau around Bolata.